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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"HERE & THERE" from CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE #100803 - 10/08/09

"HERE & THERE" from CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE #100803 - 10/08/09
The old saying goes "When it rains, it pours!" Or perhaps that's not an old saying but rather an ad slogan for a certain brand of salt. Anyway, right now CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE (which of course means me) is at the nadir in terms of finances. And yesterday my roommate (who has kindly rented me a room in his apartment room in the East Village for nearly 3 1/2 years) informed me that due to a family emergency, I have to find a new place to live by September 1st. Apparently he needs the space for a relative who needs to find a new place to live by that date. Which means I not only need to find new housing, but I need to find the funds needed for rent & security (I wasn't required to make a security deposit here, because my current roommate has been a friend for several years. However, I must note that in the last two places I lived I was unable to collect back my security deposit anyway).

So there may be a little irregularity in the publishing schedule of the newsletters and updates on the blog and websites over the next few weeks (including a schedule change in the item below about a family reunion in Michigan on August 20th-23rd). You can rest assured that I will keep you informed as much as possible as to any schedule changes.

It is quite possible that I will have to move back to Queens or maybe Bronx or Brooklyn, since this space was a "lucky find" and I doubt very much that I will find any room in Manhattan at the rate I am currently paying (and right now I can hardly afford what I'm paying here). If you are aware of a room available, please let me know. It should have a bed (I gave mine to Daniel when I moved to a furnished room 5 years ago) and a DSL/Cable connection would be required (I don't need a phone, since I very rarely use one - I have SKYPE for any calls I do make). Something convenient to subway/bus is necessary as well.

I've been writing some cabaret essays lately in the Saturday MEMBERS ONLY newsletters. Last week Thursday we included one of them in the regular newsletter to give folks a sample of one of the benefits of membership. In the issue we sent out on Saturday, August 7th, we included an article, mainly for performers, about self-promotion and some advice on the "do's and dont's" of same. We will be sending a copy of this issue to all new members who join this week. This coming Saturday, we plan to write about how to pick a cabaret show and not be disappointed.

These articles will not appear on the website or the blog until later this year when I reorganize the FAQ's & TIPS section - everything you wanted to know about #cabaret but didn't know who to ask: . Memberships are available for as little as $5.

If you haven't joined yet, you can do so instantly via PayPal for whatever amount you wish! Just click here, fill it in and we'll set the right level:

If you decide to join by check (must be over $19), please remember, all checks should be made out simply to STU HAMSTRA and mailed to 676A Ninth Avenue #120, New York, NY 10036.

You can be an angel again this summer by making a reservation today for CALLING ALL ANGELS 2, a special cabaret benefit on behalf of Gregory Kennell being produced by John Hoglund & Sue Matsuki at THE METROPOLITAN ROOM(34 West 22nd Street, NYC - 212-206-0440 - ) on Fridays, August 13th & 20th at 7:30 pm. They have lined up most of the top names on cabaret to take part (CLICK HERE for details). And please make those reservations now - I know that John and Sue are counting on a full house each night. I also know that they are probably calling the METROPOLITAN ROOM every other day to see the reservation counts, and you can give them peace of mind by reserving early.
Just a little advance notice about some schedule changes for CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE. On Friday, August 20th I will be travelling to Grand Rapids, MI, where my two older sisters reside, to be joined by my younger sister flying up from Florida, for a sort of "family reunion". We're all well past 65, and all fairly healthy, and what better time to see each other! I will return to NYC on Monday the 23rd, so the MEMBERS ONLY issue scheduled for Saturday the 21st will be sent on Friday the 20th before I leave for the airport; the issue normally scheduled for Monday, the 23rd, will go out on Tuesday the 24th. This will be the first time I've been away from NYC in nearly 2 years (the last trip was to St. Louis, MO) and I'm just a little excited to be "on the road again." A big thanks to my sisters who are paying for my air travel and providing lodging while I'm there (I might be able to mooch a few meals, too!)
In the listings today we tried to include all the appropriate cabaret items through August 29th for which press releases were received (remember, fliers and website URLs are not press releases). A few club schedules for August have yet to be received, so we can't claim that all are included quite yet. Hopefully the remaining schedules will be received so that we can include any items missed in the Thursday issue.

I remind you that we try to include and give preference to press releases received directly from performers and publicists, rather than rely on club schedule releases or items posted on Yahoo or Google groups boards. We usually only use items from those other sources to fill in for dates for which we have no direct releases. If the issue is running long, we usually leave them out.

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And that's just about the way it was. I still have a lot more to tell you about but we've run out of space so the rest will have to wait until Thursday's issue.

Thanks for your support of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE!

Hugs & Stuff,