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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"HERE & THERE" from CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE #100801 - Monday, August 2, 2010


Thanks to several renewals over the weekend, a crisis was averted (or at least postponed). In our MEMBERS ONLY issue, sent to all 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 members of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE, we included a plea for members who had not yet rejoined for the new membership year, to help us out with a financial emergency brought about by the conjunction of the monthly rent, along with several other "must be paid by Monday" debts (including my cell phone). I could cover most, but not all. 
The CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE members came through, and this morning we were able to cover all the bills (the cell will renew tomorrow). And, at the same time, there had been no new banner ad income for several weeks (there are currently only 3 banners running. with one to expire this weekend).

All I can ask is that if you plan on joining CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE for the new membership year, please help us avoid a similar crisis at the end of August by joining (or renewing) this week. Even a sustaining $5 membership will be appreciated - you can always upgrade to a higher level at any time and receive full credit towards the cost.

You've asked us to include listing of your show, and we did the best we could. You asked us to attend your show, and we did the best we could. You asked us to give more listings about shows in your area, and we did the best we could. Now we're asking you to join as a supporting member of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE - and all we ask is that you do the best you can - even if it's just $5. Without enough funds, we can't continue to give our best to cover and promote the art and the artists of cabaret around the world. We want to do better -and with your help we can!

With the bunch of renewals over the weekend, our membership count is now 191 - we missed our goal of 200 by August 1st, but we're only 9 short. Please join and help us reach 200 - and 300 by September 1st, when, hopefully, folks will begin purchasing banner ads again as the cabaret season restarts for a new season.

If you haven't joined or renewed yet, you can join instantly via PayPal for whatever amount you wish! Just click here, fill it in and we'll set the right level:

Because of some complaints, we are adjusting the content of our Thursday WEEKEND EDITION of the newsletter to include more listings besides shows running ads. This issue covers all items for which we have received press releases up to Sunday, August 22nd. We will now include any new show press releases received between now and Wednesday for shows before August 23rd in the WEEKEND EDITION.

You might also note that we're only running one HERE & THERE section in this issue, below the listings section. The space above the listings will now be given over to TODAY'S TOP STORIES, NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF CABARET. and SPECIAL CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE NEWS sections. There's a method to our madness: we can prepare the top and listing sections of the newsletter in advance as items come in, and concentrate on the HERE & THERE section on the date of publication. This will mean a little less pressure on press days, possibly leading to fewer typos and more time to proofread.

In Saturday's MEMBERS ONLY issue we included some comments about a perceived "brand deterioration" on the part of some cabaret venues (at least here in NYC) which has received some comment. Since this article appeared in the MEMBERS ONLY issue, it was sent to about 400 readers. If space permits, we will include the article (with a few updates and corrections) in this week's Thursday issue - our WEEKEND EDITION, sent to all 2700+ subscribers.

In the listings today we tried to include all the appropriate cabaret items through August 22nd for which press releases were received (remember, fliers and website URLs are not press releases). A few club schedules for August have yet to be received, so we can't claim that all are included quite yet. Hopefully the remaining schedules will be received so that we can include any items missed in the Thursday issue.
I remind you that we try to include and give preference to press releases received directly from performers and publicists, rather than rely on club schedule releases or items posted on Yahoo or Google groups boards. We usually only use items from those other sources to fill in for dates for which we have no direct releases. If the issue is running long, we usually leave them out.

Is CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE writing about you on TWITTER? Each day we promote some of the best cabaret events around the world via TWITTER and also on the CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE BLOG . The items are taken from the home page of the website which also changes every day. But you won't know what we're saying about you if you don't follow us.

See a show or two this week! Visit our websites! Run a banner or sidebar ad! Join CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE for 2010-2011. Now - more than ever - cabaret (and CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE) needs your support. Every day, in every way, we're promoting cabaret!
Look for more news on the website, on the blog ( ) and updates, picks & reminders on TWITTER ( ).

And that's just about the way it was. I still have a lot more to tell you about but we've run out of space so the rest will have to wait until Thursday's issue.
Thanks for your support of CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE!

Hugs & Stuff,